منتدى الشيخ أحمد العتمنى الاسلامى

مرحبا بكم فى منتدى الشيخ احمد العتمنى الاسلامى
منتدى الشيخ أحمد العتمنى الاسلامى

اسلامى يهتم بشؤن الاسلام والدعوة والثقافة الاسلاميه

منتدى الشيخ أحمد العتمنى الاسلامى
منتدى الشيخ أحمد العتمنى الاسلامى
منتدى الشيخ أحمد العتمنى الاسلامى

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Person's need for religion


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Person's need for religion

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Person's need for religion

The human need for religion in general and Islam in particular, to not need a secondary or marginal, it is a basic need authentic, relate to the essence of life, and Sralugod, and deeper depths of rights.

In the maximum number of brief non-breaching state here the need for religion in human life:

* Need to know the mind of the great truths in existence:

1 - person's need for religious belief stems first emerge from the same need to know and learn a large presence around him, that is, to find out the answer to the questions that ran by the philosophies of people did not say where the healing.

Man since its inception insists it needs to answer questions about: Where? To where? Why?! No matter how occupied by the demands of living on this question, it does not Bdoaagaf days to ask himself these questions Eternal:

(A) Man says to himself: Where did I come from the broad universe around me? Have you found alone or there is a Creator Oojdni? It is? Salti and it? As well as this big world to their land and skies, and his animal and cutting plants and Freezer and Ovlake, is found alone or created by the creator mastermind?.

(B) then what this life ... and after death? Where to walk after such a short trip on the back of this planet? Otkon story of life just "the wombs of pay, and the land of swallows" and nothing after that? And how unequal the end of the divine good guys who sacrificed themselves for the sake of truth and goodness, and the end of the wicked with other polluters who have sacrificed for the whims and desires? Otakhttm life in death? . . Or is there life beyond death where those who ill-rewarded, including those who do good deeds, and gentle persuasion?

(C) then why any rights? Why give the mind and the will and distinguished from other animals? Why mocked him in heaven and on earth? Are there very existence? An important tool in his life? Found or just to eat as the cattle eat, spend and spend as animals? Although there were very existence, what? And how to know? Questions to insist on rights in every age and require the answer healing Ghaleel reassured by the heart, there is no way to the answer only by resorting to religion to religious belief net. Religion is one who knows human first thing he knew he did not come out of nothingness into existence by chance, nor has in the universe alone, but it is a creature of the creator of the great is the Lord who created Fssoah Fdelh and breathed into his soul, and make him hearing, sight, heart, and standing overwhelming blessings, since he was in the womb: (Did Nkhalqkm of fluid, We made him the decision of McCain, to the extent known, yes, capable Vqdrna).

This great universe around him, is not foreign to him not as an enemy, it is a creature like God does not go blind not walk haphazardly, everything in it as much, and all is the account and the balance, it is a blessing from God to man and mercy, enjoy the rewards, and benefit from blessings and reflect on verses, by the stars from his Lord: (who created Yousef, who as a gift), (in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of night and day are signs for men of understanding).

This belief is linked to human large presence, and presence of the Lord of all, it does not live to involve himself, cut off from what around him, or afraid of it.

And religion is one who knows Rights: Where is the after life and death? It knows that death is not purely a courtyard, and OR LACK assembly, but is to move to another phase. . To life Brzachip after the emergence of another where he died all the same what it has earned, and goes on working, there is no wasted work is a factor of male or female, does not escape divine justice Jabbar or arrogant: (day mankind will issue forth in scattered groups to see their work, it does an atom of good shall see , and does an atom of evil shall see) Bojaddanh this man lives in eternity, and he knows that he created forever, but moved by the death of house to house.

And religion is one who knows Rights: Why create? Why generosity and virtue? Knows Highly existence, and its task, it is not created in vain, and did not leave in vain, that he created to be a successor of God on earth, fill it with as God had commanded, and he brings to the love of God, reveals Mknunadtha, eats and Taibadtha, but overwhelming the property of others, and people have a right Lord. The first rights of his Lord was to worship him alone, not associating anything with, and worshiped as prescribed, on the tongues of His Messengers, who resurrected the guides of teachers, missionaries, and to warn, if his task in this realm fraught with the commission, trials, he found his punishment there in the Hereafter: (Day find all the same as what worked best record).

This man realizes the secret of existence, and show to his mission in life, including his Bari universe, and gives life, and creator rights.

The living without religion without faith in God and the Hereafter person Naughty deprived indeed. It is the same creature in the eyes of an animal, and separated for large animals that creeps on the ground around it. . . That would live and die and then have to spend, without knowing its target, or is aware of her secret, he created a small insignificant little weight is of no value, it was found not know: how he had found, nor created? Live and knows: Why live? And die not know why they die? What after death? It is in doubt, but in the blindness of his all: his face and his death, principle and an end, as those who God said, including: (but doth their knowledge in the afterlife, but they are in doubt thereof, they are blind).

The hardest person's life a living hell of doubt and confusion in the darkness or blindness and ignorance, particularly in their own thing: in fact the same, secret existence, and the purpose of his life. It is really unfortunate, unhappy, and drowned in gold and silk and the well-being and bliss, and held the prestigious certification, and recognizes the highest grades! The big difference between a person Umar Khayyam says in the event of doubt and bewilderment:

I wore the dress did not consult with age and it carried over between the various thought!

Ondo will dress me, I did not know: Why I came, where the Flee?

And between the last say in certainty and tranquility:

And death, if not a trip, but from home to the house the rest mortal!

And it carried over between the various thought:

Says Omar bin Abdul Aziz: "We have created forever, but move from house to house."

The human need for religion stems above all from the need to know the truth about himself and to know the major facts of existence, and the first and the greatest of these facts:

The existence of God and oneness and completeness of the Almighty, and faith in Fbmarafth most would dissolve a presence, and clear to the person end and the destination, is determined by the curriculum and the road.

* Need human instinct:

2 - what we need rights to the debt-related needs would be mental, but there is a need and a sense of conscience, too, human being is not only a mind, Kalodmgpaliketronip, is the mind and conscience and spirit, thus formed his nature, and I uttered Jbelth. Man by nature is not satisfactory knowledge or culture, and no full hasten art and literature, and fill the vacuum the same pet or pleasure, and anxiety remains self-hungry spirit, thirsty instinct, a poet of emptiness, the lack, until he finds his faith in God, Vitmin after the concern, and lives after a disruption and safe after the fear, and feel that he found himself.

Philosopher, "August Wilhelm Syate" in his book "The philosophy of religion":

"Why am I a religious person?" I did not move my lips to this question once, but I feel marketed to answer with this answer, which is: I am a religious person, because I can not dispute that, because religion is necessary moral supplies myself. Say to me: the impact of the effects of genetics, breeding or mood, I say to them: had objected to myself a lot of this same objection, but I found Aiqaqr issue does not solve it. "

No wonder that we found this doctrine when all nations, primitive and civilized, and in all the continents east and west, and in all ages of old and new, though the majority is has deviated from its path.

Greco says of "Plutarch": have been found in the history of cities without fortresses, and cities without palaces, and cities without schools, but there have never been cities without temples ...

For this to make sense of religion, the Koran is a human instinct of faith itself: (Adding to your face upright for religion, Aftrt that God created mankind).

* Person's need for mental health and spiritual power:

3 - There is a further need for religion: the need for required human life and hopes are, and the nation by ... the human need to the corner very sheltered him, and to support a robust and reliable, if afflicted by adversity, and replaced Bassaanh disaster, lost what he loves, or faced with what he dislikes, or what disappointed hopes, or signed by the fear, here comes the religious belief, gives it strength when weakness, and hope in their hour of despair, and hope in a moment of fear, and patience in suffering and adversity, and when the bass.

The belief in God and in justice and mercy, and Awad and reward him in the house of eternity, blowing human mental health and spiritual strength, Vchea in his being cheerful, and drown the spirit of optimism, and amplified in the same circle of existence, and looks at life lens bright, cheer him up cast and pains mortal in his short life, and finds solace, hope and serenity do not act in his place and sing with him the knowledge or philosophy, no money, not born in the east and the king of Morocco.

God is pleased with the age when he said: "What I got was a scourge of God, the only four-Yes: they were not in my religion ... and they were not the biggest of them ... and I did not deprive satisfaction when she got ... and I ask Allah's reward it."

But who lives in this world without religion, without faith, because it matters? All, especially if Adelhmt calamities, and followed by a series anguish, and mistaken for the people of pathways and routes, those who consult him Viftih, and ask then replied, and he should seek His will be appointed, and grant periods, which does not tend to, and assistance that is not interrupted by survive without this faith, live a troubled soul, confused thought, Mbulbul direction, ripped body, likened to some moral philosophers in any way "Racayak" unfortunate, who tell him that he assassinated the king, was a reward to connect from his hands and legs to four horses, and then inflamed the back of each , to go shooting, each one of them to hand on all four sides, even his body torn to shreds!

This disruption physical ugly, such as to rupture the psychological suffering of the men who live without religion, and perhaps the second most severe of the first and horrible in the eyes of those who know the depth, because the rupture does not end with its impact on the moments, it is a torment of long range, accompanied by the NAACP by the length of life.

That is why we who live without faith are more established than others to psychological anxiety, nervous tension, mental disorder, and they are collapsing rapidly if shock downs of life, either committed suicide, suicide, quickly, and either lived psychopaths, Kalohia dead! As an old Arab poet said:

Is not relieved Matt Mit Dead is dead but living!

But the dead from the living bleak Kasfa mind a few please!

This is determined by psychologists and doctors of psychiatric treatment in modern times, the record intellectuals and critics in the world.

Philosopher, historian says, "Arnold Toynbee":

"Religion is one of the natural human faculties necessary, Suffice it to say that the lack of one's religion leads him to a state of spiritual despair, compelled him to seek solace religious tables do not have something from him."

"Says Dr. Karl Bang" in his book "The modern man looking for himself": "All patients who A_i_aroni during the last thirty years, from all around the world, was the cause of illness is the lack of faith, and shake their beliefs did not they get cured only after it regained their faith" .

He says, "William James" Philosopher benefit and excuses: "The greatest remedy for anxiety and doubt is faith."

"Says Dr. Real": "The truly religious person does not suffer never psychiatric illness."

He says, "Dale Carnegie" in his book "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living": "The psychiatrists are aware that strong faith and devotion to religion, will guarantee that Aiqara anxiety, nervous tension, and Ishvia of these diseases."

Has been elaborated by Dr. "Henry Link" in his book "Return to Faith" in a statement it and illustrate it with the touch of the Try of the facts and plentiful, through his work in psychotherapy.

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